We have been asked many times “Where is the one place I can go for help? That has everything in Northeast Ohio?”

For most job seekers, the State of Ohio's great site OhioMeansJobs.com and your local One-Stop (find it here) will have everything you need!

But other resources can also be helpful to job seekers. Training seekers, and employers, need other types of help.

So, in response, we designed this site to test the usefulness of a complete resource directory for the people and employers of Northeast Ohio.

The material on it has been voluntarily provided by the people of our region who know about resources that are available.

Let us know what you think of the idea of a resource directory at rtn.neo@gmail.com



The Regional Talent Network (RTN) is an emerging collaboration among the metropolitan chambers of commerce of Northeast Ohio, the State of Ohio, and the Fund for Our Economic Future.

RTN’s  purpose is to promote systemic change that

For the employers of Northeast Ohio

  • Improves their satisfaction with the talent system and
  • Strengthens their ability to fill high-demand positions

For the people of Northeast Ohio

  • Helps them build their employability and
  • Helps them find jobs

RTN will do so by acting as a steward for all major talent issues in NEO, which it will approach through three tracks of activity:

  1. Helping the University System of Ohio and Northeast Ohio’s other post-secondary training and educational institutions become even greater engines of economic development, including governing the Ohio Skills Bank in Northeast Ohio
  2. Delivering a plan for talent to become a source of sustainable competitive advantage for Northeast Ohio
  3. Making a fast impact on selected near term talent issues and opportunities by launching some improvement concepts–such as WheretoFindHelp.org

RTN is not a resource itself–it is not a job bank, referral service, or anything like that.  Rather, it exists to develop frameworks, tools, and recommendations to help all of our talent system perform even better.


RTN is funded by a grant from the Fund for Our Economic Future to the Akron Regional Development Board Educational Fund, which is the fiscal agent for RTN.


To  inquire how you can donate to support the operations of the Regional Talent Network, email us at rtn.neo@gmail.com.


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To contact us,  email us at rtn.neo@gmail.com.

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