We have been asked many times “Where is the one place I can go for help? That has everything in Northeast Ohio?”

For most job seekers, the State of Ohio's great site OhioMeansJobs.com and your local One-Stop (find it here) will have everything you need!

But other resources can also be helpful to job seekers. Training seekers, and employers, need other types of help.

So, in response, we designed this site to test the usefulness of a complete resource directory for the people and employers of Northeast Ohio.

The material on it has been voluntarily provided by the people of our region who know about resources that are available.

Let us know what you think of the idea of a resource directory at rtn.neo@gmail.com

Where to Find Help


For job seekers, click here
For training or education seekers, click here
For the currently employed, click here
For employers, click here 


To add sources of help, click here



To contact us, email us at rtn.neo@gmail.com

To inquire how to make a donation, email us at rtn.neo@gmail.com


By the people of Northeast Ohio…for the people of Northeast Ohio

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